Bespoke Home CCTV Installations

We provide security monitoring solutions to private property owners in Poole BH and DT. tailor made leaders in bespoke home surveillance system installation.
Most of our clients need help planning and installing CCTV systems at large properties such as farms, sizable homes and manor houses. Therefore, we are experienced in installing large-scale surveillance systems at properties covering wide areas. However, we are also happy to help owners of smaller homes who simply need a few cameras and a more basic system.

Why should I install CCTV at my home?

Installing CCTV can be a relatively inexpensive means of protecting your home from intrusion and your property from theft or vandalism. Considering the value of your property and possessions, the cost of installing a few cameras at your home is often a small price to pay to ensure that your home is protected.
A noticeable surveillance system has also been shown to be one of the most effective means of preventing criminals from planning a home intrusion. This means that installing a surveillance system at your home can prevent your property from being targeted by burglars and other trespassers. This can help you protect your possessions and property from theft and damage, ensuring lower insurance premiums.

CCTV can also help you identify the offenders, if criminal activity does occur at your property. Our security experts at Amegan can help you install cameras which stream high quality footage to your phone or tablet, enabling you to see details such as the facial features of the trespasser. Facial recognition can then help authorities find, arrest and prosecute the offender, guaranteeing that your home will not be targeted by the same criminals again.

Amegan’s Home CCTV Systems
  • Automatic Recording
  • 2 & 4 K Footage Quality
  • Latest CCTV technology
  • Interior and Exterior Cameras
  • Motion Detection
  • Wireless and wired
  • Indoor and outdoor
  • Motion Sensing
  • Remote Viewing by Mobile and Tablet
  • Petrol Cameras
Bespoke Home Surveillance System Installations

We offer a custom-made CCTV installation service for homes in Poole BH and DT. This bespoke surveillance installation service begins when the property owner contacts us to determine their security requirements. Once we understand the kind of threats they are anxious to protect their property against, and what their budget requirements are, our security experts arrange a time and date with the client in order to complete a survey of their property.
Amegan’s company manager, Michael Haines, security industry professional with nearly a decade of experience in surveillance installation, personally performs each site survey. Haines is experienced in camera placement, and knows exactly where the cameras need to be located to effectively monitor entry and exit onto the property. His extensive experience means that he is also able to use cameras efficiently, so that one camera monitors many areas. Homeowners can therefore trust that we will install a cost-effective home surveillance system that still ensures their residence is well protected.

We take into consideration the layout of your property and your security needs in order to provide you with the best surveillance at the most affordable rates.

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