Commercial CCTV Installation | Business and Retail.

We can provide all manner of CCTV systems, from small four camera unit DVRs to bigger sixteen channel systems.

The smaller systems we can provide from as little as £850 to suit a small business while still creating a professional security presence where needed.

Business owners demand quality these days and the mega pixel solutions are exactly that for those that demand better quality. If you require a little more than for a little more you can tell the difference with one of our mega pixel installations.

We can provide from 2MP upward with 4MP one of the top of the range installation we do. If you would like to know more and to talk to our technical surveyor please call and let us book you a free consultation.

We can survey your site and give you a full installation method report on what you require once we know what your objectives are.


Having researched five local based security companies, Amegan, held the best reviews, and was my first point of call. Following my initial phone call for an urgent installation for personal safety, Michael was at our property the very next day, and provided us with a full and reasonably priced quotation.
The products took two days to order,
and were installed four days after my initial call. The installers were friendly and removed their shoes when inside the house.
The installation was neat, and they listened to my specific requests and needs. We are extremely pleased with the quality over the system, which works perfectly for our needs, allowing us to view the property on our mobile phones and ipads when away from home.
We have now just returned to Amegan to add some more cameras and additional hard drive memory to the system for added peace of mind, and once again, this was turned around within a few days.
am more than pleased to recommend Amegan to anyone requiring a camera system, as I believe you would be hard pushed to find a more reliable and friendly, local based company.