HD 4K CCTV (Ultra High Definition) Installation

HD 4K CCTV, or Ultra High Definition, is one of the highest models of CCTV cameras available on the market to date. It encompasses the most impressive aspects of intelligent technology to bring about the next generation of security systems.
HD 4K CCTV is a prized choice among commercial property owners. It tackles crime in high resolution, and provides the newest standard in CCTV technology.
Still confused about what the 4K HD CCTV has to offer? We’ll gladly explain the features and benefits to any interested clients, as well as provide quick and efficient installation at your convenience.

The major advantage of this revolutionary technology is its largely superior pixel count, providing resolution of greater clarity. It achieves this feat while still managing to:

  • Operate in low light
  • Retain colour
  • Stave off motion blur
  • Zoom in on subjects’ faces
  • Cover a wide range

We can provide from 2MP upward with 4MP one of the top of the range installation we do. If you would like to know more and to talk to our technical surveyor please call and let us book you a free consultation.

We can survey your site and give you a full installation method report on what you require once we know what your objectives are.

Is the 4K HD CCTV right for my business?

It depends on the size of your business and your objectives for a security system. The 4K HD CCTV system is favoured for its exceptional quality footage and reliability. It does, for this reason, fall into a higher price bracket than CCTV cameras with lower frame rates.
Clean and lucid clarity could prove the difference in harnessing evidence. The sophisticated, high-quality zoom feature could allow for clearer facial recognition and identification. The 4K HD camera enables you to see several focus points as well as a grand-scale overview, all on the same screen. If your property contains assets of immense value, perhaps of a targeted nature such as in a jewellry store, it might be worth investing in a more multifaceted, advanced security system.

For more tailored advice, please get in contact with us. Our surveyor will happily provide a free quote and point you in the right direction.